Plant Based Diet: For The Culture

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Veganism with
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Netflix documentary What the Health is helping to drum up a lot of conversation about what we eat, the ways it affects our health and also the systems in place that majorly influence our dietary choices if we aren’t paying attention. It has almost everybody I know packing bird-seed and water for lunch these days because they’re scared to eat much else. The Kip Anderson produced documentary features statistics on cancer causing bacon, an apparent financial tie between one of the biggest cancer research foundations and one of the biggest cancer causing industries, as well as a segment about human beings in a North Carolina town being part of the collateral damage of pig farming.

What The Health

Some are watching What the Health and examining their own eating choices while others are calling it propaganda against the meat and dairy industries. One of the interesting conversations that I recently came upon was Peta’s Vegan Hip Hop Roundtable. The 7 minute video features three of the Hip Hop community’s most vocal vegans; Mya, Russell Simmons, and Waka Flocka Flame, discussing why they are vegan and the positive impacts that having a plant based diet has had on their lives. I really enjoyed watching  because they all came from unhealthy family backgrounds and the lack of previous knowledge about plant-based diets was really emphasized.

What The Health, Fast Food, What The Health Recap

Plant Based Lifestyle

What the Health is relatively new but honestly, plant-based preachings have been around in Hip Hop for quite some time. Culture drivers like Erykah Badu, Jermaine Dupri and RZA have touted plant based diets as not only a very wise physical health choice but also a spiritually wise one. While I can’t speak on the spiritual end until I try it for myself, on the physical end adopting a meatless diet reduces the risk factor for many diseases found to be common in urban communities. Therefore, I do think trying a plant-based diet is worth a try. Even though the bacon steady calls our names. Grab a little more knowledge and check out Peta’s Vegan Hip Hop Roundtable as well as some super dope & interesting perspectives on plant based diets below.

written by ViV C.

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