BryZone_YBP: Australia’s Best Hip-Hop Producer & DJ

The Awesome Aussie

Lofi, Hip-Hop Producer, Bryzone_YBP, Australian Producer BryZone_YBP

Over the past handful of years BryZone_YBP supplied the canvas for numerous local and American based hip-hop artists to flourish and has recently become a major contributor to the Audible Hustle brand. As one half of the Australia’s best Hip-Hop talents, his soulful sound has been displayed throughout various projects including acclaimed instrumental and remix tapes. With an undeniable level of creativity, this budding producer has dreams of exposing the Hip-Hop world to waves paralleled with notables such as Pete Rock and J.Dilla. Sprinkling in a heavy dose of flavor from the land down under only magnifies his gift.

Stream BryZone‘s latest album release in “Ascolta” below!