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Lofi, Hip-Hop Producer, Bryzone_YBP, Australian Producer BryZone_YBP

Over the past handful of years BryZone_YBP supplied the canvas for numerous local and American based hip-hop artists to flourish. Native to Melbourne, Australia, this self taught producer has an undeniable level of creativity and dreams of exposing the hip-hop world to supreme sounds paralleled to the likes of Pete Rock and J.Dilla. Support his latest release “Back of the Back” by purchasing below.

New Release:
Back of The Back

Back of the Back, by bryzone_ybp

Back of the Back by bryzone_ybp, released 11 December 2019 1. Stickers 2. R & T 3. Light One 4. Move Closer 5. Clear Elevation 6. Outside 7. Unplugged 8. RIProdigy 9. Park Beers 10. Everyday Intrso 11. Pancakes 12. Quiet Down 13. Late Night Snack 14. Stockings 15.