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The Flymind Poets

The Flymind Poets (Barz Damu & Franko Shack) have always had an artistic approach based on raw story-telling, sonic experimentation, and angle bending, lyrical mind play. Due to their unconventional style and apparent delivery of unapologetic truth, few have a more impactful presence than this ClayCo twin duo.

Spurred in their youth by the influence of creative parents and the push to experiment with poetry, The Flymind Poets have distinguished themselves as some of hip-hop’s greatest thinkers. The combination of their musical aspirations garner an unique mix of brute emotion and polar characterism similar to greats like Outkast and Tupac Shakur. These rhyme spittas dish out a fulfilling pallet of artistic flavor. As creators of food for thought, The Flymind Poets cook up with the best of ‘em.


Franko Shack of the FlyMind Poets releases his first solo album with the “Shack Talk” EP. Featuring Barz Damu, Rello The God, KapSadik and more, this well timed project is a personal trip with one of Atlanta’s most trill indie artists. Click below to stream the project and purchase your official FlyMindNation apparel today. The trill is back.

#ShackTalk, #ShackTalk

Audible Hustle's Frank'o Shack Releases #ShackTalk EP
Frank’o Shack Digs Deep in the Bag for “Shack Talk”

FlyMind Poets

Who are FlyMind Poets? If Hip Hop was to have a southern renaissance, this twin duo would be the frontline of that movement. Consisting of Omarr Franklin aka Franko Shack and Jabarr Franklin aka Barz Damu, the mix of raw creative chemistry and lyrical gusto that these brothers exude are reminiscent to the the innovative approach and charisma that Nas and OutKast brought forth in the mid 90s.