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Horus Gump – No Politickin’ (Directed & Filmed by Simo Haier)

Horus Gump, formerly known as Rod McCoy, is a southern Hip Hop artist intent on opening the doorways to discussion of heavier topics through his brand of undeniable bars and lyrical rhythms. Pulling in influences from Gospel and Blues, with a nod to the greats of yesteryear that include the likes of B.B. King, Jay- Z, Lil Wayne & Big Krit, Horus Gump evokes deep, inner reflection with a rap flow that contains equal measurements empowerment and determination. For Horus, the music he makes is a reflection of within, and the vessel he uses in order to fulfill his purpose.

Horus’ diverse upbringing has seen him reside in and travel across Alabama, Georgia, Michigan and Florida. The artist has also been deployed to various military locations across Iraq, Abu Dhabi and Turkey. Naturally, his music is largely shaped by his life’s experiences and the surroundings he’s been exposed to throughout his lifetime. Each city has taught him something valuable, from learning how to grind and persevere in Alabama, to having to hold his own in the rugged neighborhoods of Detroit’s 7 Mile Rd. It goes without saying that being stationed in military camps seeing fallen soldiers being flown home also had a profound impact on shaping his outlook on life, and on music. It takes a certain level of mental fortitude to not only stomach the events he’s been through, but also to survive. These themes are embedded across the body of Horus Gump’s work, as he recites compelling stories about his peculiar experiences.

Notably, it was when he was stationed out in the Aegean coastal city of İzmir, Turkey, where he would first cut his teeth performing for crowds at penthouses and local party venues. Fast forward to today, and he is sitting on a discography of 7 releases. He has shared the stage with Rich The Kid, GRIP, and has headlined 3 tours powered by Audible Hustle Entertainment. His live shows have set stages ablaze across the United States, from New Orleans to Kentucky, and from Florida to Atlanta, and more. He has amassed over 60,000+ organic Spotify plays, 5,000 personal library saves, and garnered media attention from the likes of,, and Additionally, he went on to win 2nd Best Indie Album Of 2016 by Luke James Reviews.

Further release details are to follow. Support his latest release and purchase “Bubble Up” below.

New Single:
Bubble Up (feat PR0B3 & SirHopATL)
Produced by MisterrCha

Bubble Up (feat. PR0B3 & Sir Hop), by Horus Gump

Bubble Up (feat. PR0B3 & Sir Hop) by Horus Gump, released 02 September 2019

New Album:

FK.NGA.SZN, by Horus Gump

FK.NGA.SZN by Horus Gump, released 18 August 2018 1. Happy Hunting (feat. Synik) 2. IDGAF 3. One x One (feat Shawty from ATL) 4. Splash (feat Frank’O Shack) 5. Shooter 6. Make A Play (feat L.A.) 7. A Bib for Feasting 8. Campaignt 9. No Politickin’ 10. Live Your Life (feat Drewselum) 11.