Hip-Hop Artist & Songwriter: Horus Gump

Southern Hip Hop, Southern Hip Hop Artist, Sounds Like Big Krit, Big Krit Type

An emerging hip-hop artist and native to the historic community of Blackbelt, Alabama – Horus Gump is BMI affiliated songwriter and touring artist. As a performer he delivers a vibe dense with passion and unfiltered wordplay.

Providing the perfect balance of artistic value and raw entertainment, this emerging creative and Audible Hustle founder is a surefire standout within the independent music scene.

New Release – Smoke and Fly

Top Tracks for Horus Gump

Did You Know: Horus is the name of ancient Egypt’s God of the Sky. A possessor of superhuman strength, stamina and resistance to harm or conventional injury. The Horus Gump brand was inspired by this African deity in conjunction with the legendary Forest Gump.