The Country Kang

Meridian, Missippi Rapper and Audible Hustle Pioner, Synik
Let Me Tell You Bout This Country Shi*


A rapper possesses the ability to write but often they worry more about entertaining and neglect the opportunity to send a message. A select few wordsmiths showcase their crafts with phrases complex like formulas and designed to make you think. With lyricists, there is mostly always a message to be heard. Not only promoting thought through their metaphors, but evoking emotion as well because after all, music serves no greater purpose than to connect with you spiritually. Synik, a Meridian, Mississippi bred rapper is nothing short of an artist, but a lyricist indeed. Once a writer of spoken word, he does hip-hop a poetic justice. For this lyrical genius, music is more than a hobby, it is part of himself.

Here We Gogh, by Synik

Synik Born in Meridian, MS and raised all over. Synik has always been a fan of Hip-Hop, but it wasn’t until he was urged by a good friend (Skully Cruz of F.L.O.A.T.), that he picked up the mic. Now he is on a mission to return credibility to craft of rap, and oust the fakers.