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Music Submissions

We accept new music submissions from R&B and Hip-Hop artists from all over the world. We’d love to introduce your new song, your new album or new music video to our expansive audience. If you’ve been asking , how can I get exposure for my music? Simple! Submit today but be sure to follow the 3 easy steps below!

Get a chance of blog placement with Atlanta’s quickest growing and indie friendly hip hop blog (we LOVE R&B too). If it’s dope, we’ll share it for the world to see. Please remember to send a link only. MP3s, MP4s and all other file formats will be discarded upon receipt.

We actually want to share your music but honestly we need your help to do so. Help us help you!

Rule 1. Cover art or a high quality picture of the artist is totally required (preferably both). Take control of your brand, after all – first impressions go a long way.

Rule 2. Music is very much subjective in it’s interpretation so, provide us with insight of your new content! What/who inspired the work? What message are you hoping to extend to listeners? Does it belong on an upcoming project?

Rule 3. Uploading your music or video takes a considerable amount of time to ensure it’s presentation is in tact. As we share your content, you must also share the blog post at least 10 times over the following 2 weeks. Your post will be directly on the homepage for a week minimally. This is the best way to say ‘Thank You’ (reciprocated support). *If you choose not to share the post, it’s extremely unlikely we’ll take time to support your work in the future. Deal? Deal!

Now that we’ve gotten that out the way. Send the dope vibes over ASAP. We’re waiting on you!