Just like the Egyptian God himself, Atlanta-based visionary and Audible Hustle‘s very own rap artist Horus Gump, soars high in blazing all-new video clip “No Politickin’.”

On the come up from a poverty-stricken life in his hometown of Blackbelt, Alabama, to preserving the art of the hustle in Atlanta, where he now resides, Horus Gump is the defiant embodiment of a spiritual-street, musical alchemist; everywhere from thought-provoking songwriting to spitting inimitable bars.

Now, Horus sets the record straight, declaring “I ain’t about the politickin’, I’m a pilot” in his “butter-drenched banger“, a fiery feature shot and directed by Larimar Media.

For anyone and everyone who knows the importance of protecting your energy, dodging negativity and staying true to the art of the hustle, this track is your anthem.

No Politickin’” is the ninth track from Horus Gump‘s well-received debut album FK.Nga.Szn.

Listen now below.

89 Wave$” written by the machine that is Billy Vietlanta, features the artist in full stride over yielding production as he takes listeners on a trip, reliving days of time passed as he reminisces on retro days maneuvering through Atlanta, the modern day rap capital. In case you weren’t aware, he makes it clear that he’s been in possession of “the wave“.

His superbly relaxed flow and confident rhymes land seamlessly between snares and rapid hiii hats, perfect for your soon to come indulgence of the herbal essence. The lisp laden lyricist curates all the perfect elements of a playlist worthy jam with this jiggy vibe from his recently released “Nostalgia” mixtape. Play receiver to some fly shit and catch the wave below.

Big ups to the boy DJ FyeMeUp for putting us on game to an emerging talent. Be sure to check out Episode 23 of the Fye Me Up ATL Podcast here, on AudibleHustle.com. But first, keep it trillplay receiver and catch the wave below.

written by Rod McCoy