From fervently pushing mixtape after mixtape, a hard-nosed hustle that prompted his signing to Slip-N-Slide Records, Miami-based rapper Mike Smiff makes his official mark at full speed in all-new album All Gas No Brakes (Vol. 3)

The turbulent rapper grinds with a hunger, finesse and compulsive flow that keeps you grounded throughout this 15-track hip hop anthem; a hallmark impossible to achieve without its next-level features from up-and-comers Jordan Hollywood, City Girls, Mozzy, Ali Coyote, Trick Daddy, Gank Gaank, NoStylgia, and more.

In the hustler’s anthem “Do Your Own Thang,” Smiff (feat. NoStylgia) proclaims, “if hustling is your thang cos’ that’s the way you bring the money in, grind on… you better grind on,” and “if stunting is your vibe, clean the wheels up and bring the dope outside, shine on… you better shine on.”

Like the soundtrack to a racer flick, Smiff reverberates the lightning-speed movements of street racers (“Check-In” feat. Trick Daddy) to dodging drama in the fast lane (“4 1 Nite” feat. City Girls), and consequently, what his hustle is all about (“Wanted More“).

This is one ride you won’t want to miss.

Listen now below.

This past Saturday, Audible Hustle hosted a fun-filled Halloween edition of their Trill FX concert series and it was one to remember. Performers and guests put on their best Hip-Hop themed costumes and headed over to Artisan’s Bar & Gallery to network and have fun. Host Shellie Sweets kept the crowd intrigued with her vibrant energy, while DJ Muzisean played some hard hitting tracks that the crowd couldn’t get enough of.  

The room was filled with creatives from Atlanta and surrounding cities who enjoy Hip-Hop culture, live music, and even visual art as Audible Hustle brought out artist, Chula EA, paint a masterpiece live.

The lineup of performing artists included Audible Hustle’s very own, Horus Gump, who performed lyrical verses and powerful hits from his new album, FK.NGA.SZN and The Strangers, who came through and rocked the house with their harmonious and tuneful sounds. B.L.A.C.K Baron, Willie J, Quin TheWriter, Blizzi Boi, Baking Soda Fresh, and Pensacola-native, Jodye Joe also came through and ignited the stage.

Ice cold refreshments were provided by Artisans’ lovely bartenders while food vendor, Eatz by Dre, dished out savory jerk wings, delightful sliders, and decadent infused red velvet cupcakes.

Not to go unnoticed, some other special guests stopped by. Atlanta based media brands, The Rap Hippies and Makin’ It Magazine, graced the stage and had a chance to speak about what they do and the services they offer. The Rap Hippies produce digital content, such as interviews, while also hosting events such as their upcoming October 30th concert and cypher, The Rapture. Atlanta-based publication, Makin’ It Magazine, on the other hand, is a great platform that spotlights rising talent, executives, and creatives in the urban music industry. Be sure to check both brands out on their official websites.

From live music, live painting, henna art, cold drinks, fresh food, and the most trill audience in the city, Trill FX events are definitely not something to miss out on.

Stay tuned for more details on the next event on November 24th!

Written by Chelsea McKain

Audible Hustle Entertainment has been steady making moves and continually grows its recognition amongst Atlanta’s tumultuous entertainment scene. Largely in part to its visionary and creator, Horus Gump. Today, the native Alabama emcee is preparing to release his first official track of 2018 with the debut single, “IDGAF“. A definitive banger fortified with rambunctious wordplay and matching intensity.


Produced by Kern Deuce of Los Angeles, California, “IDGAF” addresses the illegitimacy of Atlanta’s underground music scene. Embedded with politicians (a person who acts in a manipulative way, to gain advancement) and falsified statements, just as in life, the best way to judge character in the A is through action(s).

We posed a question to our Twitter followers a number of days ago that asked: Which do you value more?




Just as we expected, TIME was the number #1 choice [50%], followed by ENERGY [33%] and lastly MONEY [17%]. It’s imperative to trust your intuition and the vibe that exudes from those that you interact with. Eradicate anything less than ?  and make room for what’s really trill! Focus on what reciprocates your passion and inspiration. Fuck everything else!

Help us make Horus‘ new single an instant success by clicking the cover art below! When you do so, “IDGAF” will be automatically saved to your Spotify library (pre-release) and you’ll be notified instantly as it drops!

IDGAF” by Horus Gump

IDGAF, New Single, Horus Gump, Kern Deuce
Alabama Native, Horus Gump’s Debut Single IDGAF Hits Hard – AF!

 FuckNiggaSeason it’s here!