Chance the Rapper is on top of the world right now. Besides becoming a father and winning 3 major categories at the Grammy Awards this year, Chance the Rapper is the undisputed hero in regards to being an independent music artist. However, Chance has expressed that his passion extends far beyond music and that positively impacting lives (especially within Chicago’s inner city) is of utmost importance to him. Now, Chance has shown us that he absolutely means business.

Chance The Rapper Gives $1MIL to Chicago School District

At a press conference held yesterday at Chicago’s Westcott Elementary School, the Chi-Town native announced that he will be donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. Chance revealed during the press conference that this decision follows a meeting he had with Governor Bruce Rauner last week. The conversation was apparently focused on improving Chicago’s public schooling amongst other community problems, but unfortunately, according to Chance, the talk was unsuccessful. This led Chance to take actions into his own hands with a hefty donation as well as a few over-and under-handed shots at Governor Rauner.

This is a monumental move for Chance and it truly shows his dedication to the city of Chicago. As an independent artist, this is most likely coming from his own pockets in some form or another which has also prompted him to call for help from others in power. Thus far he has already mentioned a meeting with fellow Chicago native, Common, in terms of financial assistance.
To further put the magnitude of this donation into perspective, Chance the Rapper’s total net worth as of 2016 is $1 million. With that being said, shout out to Chance for putting his money where his mouth is and working towards a better Chicago. Check out his website here if you want to support.

Written By DJ Robinson