If ‘Blues Hip Hop‘ is on the rise, then C.S. Armstrong is a name you’re sure to remember – diving deep into the heart-wrenching soul of bare-all blues, gripping gospel and ready to tell you the Truth Be Told

For anyone and everyone who says “they don’t make music like this anymore,” you need to hear ‘Rain In The Ghetto‘. Armstrong renders and recreates the raw yet celestial sounds of rhythm and blues with deep-edgy vocals, before taking listeners on a tough trip down memory lane in ‘Real (Where I Come From)‘.

Simply unparalleled, merging emotion-fuelled melodies with gritty gasps of relief, the Houston-based artist reveals all; everywhere from an abusive upbringing and overcoming leukaemia to surviving years on-end in the army, to finally finding his feet and thus, the ultimate “reason to be here.”

And for this 32-year-old artist on the rise, that ‘Reason‘ couldn’t be any clearer to listeners – it is, and always will be, music.

Listen below.

– After just one year of officially making music, Amber Mark has already impressed people in very high places and attempts to captivate the world with her debut album, 3:33am.

SoundCloud has been an invaluable tool for independent artists and many of today’s stars have jumpstarted high-powered careers because of it. At the same time, however, you still have to deliver quality music and with so many artists using SoundCloud, it’s easy for even the best art to get lost in the shuffle. That’s what makes NYC-based R&B singer, Amber Mark, something special.

After only having one song – I repeat, ONE SONG – on SoundCloud, the reposts started rolling in and DJ Zane Lowe eventually got wind of her talent. That one song, “S P A C E”, then made it onto Lowe’s Beats 1 show and was featured on the iTunes homepage where it earned the “Hot Tracks” title. While there, it held its ground right beside music from Drake, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Future, and Justin Bieber.

The 22 year old singer has an eclectic mix of musical influences that show in her art. Some of her influences include Michael Jackson, Sade, Stan Getz, A Tribe Called Quest, Ravi Shankar, and Ella Fitzgerald. Her influences also come from her nomadic lifestyle as she has lived in Nepal, India, Germany, Brazil, and New York City. Through these travels she has picked up on Tibetan Mantras, Trance, House/Techno, Bossa Nova rhythms, and Hip-Hop/R&B respectively.

Take a listen to 3:33am below, and check out this interview while you’re at it. Let us know what you think. Will Amber Mark be able to stick around?

Written by DJ Robinson

89 Wave$” written by the machine that is Billy Vietlanta, features the artist in full stride over yielding production as he takes listeners on a trip, reliving days of time passed as he reminisces on retro days maneuvering through Atlanta, the modern day rap capital. In case you weren’t aware, he makes it clear that he’s been in possession of “the wave“.

His superbly relaxed flow and confident rhymes land seamlessly between snares and rapid hiii hats, perfect for your soon to come indulgence of the herbal essence. The lisp laden lyricist curates all the perfect elements of a playlist worthy jam with this jiggy vibe from his recently released “Nostalgia” mixtape. Play receiver to some fly shit and catch the wave below.

Big ups to the boy DJ FyeMeUp for putting us on game to an emerging talent. Be sure to check out Episode 23 of the Fye Me Up ATL Podcast here, on AudibleHustle.com. But first, keep it trillplay receiver and catch the wave below.

written by Rod McCoy