Since making her illustrious mark with the well-received track “Girls Need Love,” Atlanta’s newcomer Summer Walker now debuts her first studio album Over Ita Billboard Chartbreaker, and a drug come true for any RnB junkie.

The mystifying singer-songwriter delivers a soul-baring, translucent 18-track joint taking listeners along for a sultry-smooth RnB ride throughout the many motions only a rocky relationship can bring.

From earning her first break with the YouTube mash-up “Fake Love, Black Beatles, Pony, Yes,” to collaborating with Drake himself, the LoveRenaissance / Interscope Records‘ artist is now one of the industry’s most sought-after.

It’s a pretty sure thing to say, that after you listen to Over It, an indelible album featuring major players Drake, Bryson Tiller, Usher, 6LACK, PARTYNEXTDOOR, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, and Jhenè Aiko – Summer Walker is inevitably, a name you’re bound to remember.

Listen now below.


Jhene Aiko Releases New Album Trip

A delicate yet powerful delivery is Jhene Aiko ’s forte and fans have been waiting since 2014 for another soul baring solo project like Souled Out. After the three year hiatus from solo work Jhene is ready to completely open up about her path to healing following the 2012 death of her brother Miyagi.  Admittedly aided by mind altering, journal recorded drug trips, Jhene took the time to get inside and outside of her own mind in search of catharsis. Trip revolves around loss and the connections we sometimes make afterwards that in turn help us heal and teach us more about ourselves.

Jhene Aiko, New Album "Trip", Jhene Aiko's Trip Album

Jhene Aiko Features John Mayer, Big Sean, Mali Music and More

While the subject matter is intense, this album is nothing but dreamy in the most enlightening way. This is intentionally done and can be credited to both aloof production and seamless song transitions. Trip and it’s 22 tracks are partly carried by well placed features from John Mayer, Namiko Love, Big Sean, Swae Lee, Mali Music, Brandy, and Kurupt. Also more than worth mentioning are several assuring and psychedelic voice of reason style speak pieces from Dr. Chill.

New Jhene Aiko Album, Jhene Aiko Music, Jhene Aiko's Brother

Jhene packaged Trip as an experience, releasing an accompanying short movie centered around a young woman named Penny who’s experiences mirror her own. In addition to the short movie, a poetry book and the release of a collection of her journals entitled MAP are also expected soon. Stream the entire album on your favorite streaming site and peep my personal faves as well as the short film below.

Favorite Songs from Trip


Mystic Journey- Freestyle:

A hip-hop hippie’s dream and one of a few top-notch freestyles on Trip, Mystic Journey is a thumpy synth and percussion driven ode to the balancing power of togetherness, in all forms.


This track reads almost like an invocation to an unnamed source, sent straight into the frequency of the Universe. There’s an emphasis on guidance for the youth and the simplest things are asked for: “ lead them from temptation, make them royalty”. By the end of this track, it’s clear that Jhene isn’t making this invocation to a nameless, faceless individual but that she’s making it to herself and also us.


Brandy joins Jhene in this gorgeous harmony driven song that conjures us to accept love at our ugliest times and witness how that can ascend one’s spirit.


Jhene Aiko Releases Trip (The Movie)