– Can you believe that it’s been a whole six years since Kendrick Lamar released his classic debut studio album, Section.80?

They say that time flies when you’re having fun and that’s absolutely true in this case. K-Dot has taken us on quite the ride since his “HiiiPoWeR” days. Nonetheless, Section.80 is still relevant, engaging, prophetic, and an all-around masterpiece. This should give you a sense of how far ahead of his time Kendrick has always been.

6 years ? #SECTION80 #TDE @kendricklamar

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just call this sh*t #HiiiPoWeR…

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Check out the full album below. If you’re in any way new to Section.80, you are in for a hell of a treat. I strongly suggest that you listen to the entire album in depth. However, if you can’t for any reason, be especially sure to check out “HiiiPoWeR”, “ADHD”, “Spiteful Chant”, “Blow My High”, and the infamous “Rigamortus”.

Happy Listening!

Written by DJ Robinson

Last week, Kendrick Lamar had the world in a frenzy after he decided to drop a continuation of his “The Heart” series. “The Heart Part 3” dropped back in 2013, but K. Dot showed just as much enthusiasm (if not more) with “The Heart Part 4”as he did with the sequel. There are even some rumored shots at Big Sean and/or Drake in the mix as well as a warning to all rappers that they have until April 7th “to get y’all shit together”. As April 7th approaches, Kendrick has dropped off another reminder of his rivals’ imminent doom.

“HUMBLE” is anything but what its title would suggest. With knocking bass, low piano keys in the background, and hard-snapping snare, the production shouts at you. Then, of course, K. Dot provided the lyrics and flow to keep your head bobbing as you digest the content (including what some believe are more shots at Big Sean). Last, but definitely not least, the visuals (provided by Dave Meyers) are incredible. Go ahead and check them out for yourself.

Written By DJ Robinson