Top Dawg Entertainment, also known as TDE, has had a phenomenal year. In fact, every rapper signed to the label released an album this year with an exception to Jay Rock, whose 90059 dropped near the 4th quarter of 2015. As most would expect from this group of lyrical giants, the projects were incredible. So much so, crazed fans have taken to internet polls to debate their favorite with no real progress seeing that there really is no clear “winner” amongst them. Everyone in the camp handled business.

Now, hip hop fans will have more to discuss since TDE CEO, Anthony Tiffith, has announced that we aren’t even fully aware of all the albums they’ve dropped in 2016. Lance Skiiiwalker, a longtime TDE affiliate, has been making waves right under our noses as he’s featured on albums by Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar this year as well as Jay Rock’s in 2015. This year he released his debut album, Introverted Intuition, as an official member of TDE, but that has been public knowledge since May of this year.

So, who’s the mystery member of TDE? What album did they drop? Does it even compare to the storm that the TDE veterans just unleashed on the rap game? There have been a few guesses, but nothing concrete as of yet. Tiffith says he’ll be unveiling the mystery album in 2017 – something to look forward to in the new year and to ironically keeps us wanting more.

written by Devin Robinson Jr.