Born in Zimbabwe and raised in London, KWAYE, an upcoming singer-songwriter between the scenes, delivers an undeniable virtuosity in all-new, ethereal Love & Affliction EP.

Some might say it’s pure destiny that the 22-year-old artist signed his first record deal in the back of an Uber with Mind of a Genius, the UK label backing house artists ZHU and Gallant, and simply put – they’d be right.

A divulgence of personal musings, Love & Affliction embodies a superlative blend of R&B, neo soul, synth-pop and indietronica as KWAYE proves the ultimate chameleon.

His incredibly diverse musical style is both aberrant and invigorating, while his seraphic vocals in “Paralyze” resonate the likes of D’Angelo, before flickering flames with rock refrain “Made For It“.

Not only is he a must-watch artist, but everywhere from an emboldened aesthetic and unparalleled compositions, to an unprecedented range effortlessly brought to light by his inimitable voice, KWAYE manifests a genre all of his own.

Listen below.


Inviting listeners to unwind, Audible Hustle singer Shellie Sweets coerces a universal vibe with her new bouncy R&B track, “Get Away“. An offering that highlights the highs and lows of romanticism, like a moth to a flame she sings, “I tried to leave you alone, but it keeps on calling me back. You were my favorite lover, even though I hate you right after. I just can’t get away, I just can’t escape. You got a hold on me.”

words by Rod Goldsmith

Get Away

Favoring thoughts of delightfulness associated with love, it’s common to neglect the undermining incidents that sometimes negate fondly shared moments. An affectionate vibe that could kindle a groovy dance party or console any despaired lover, Shellie Sweets displays fluency. “Get Away” allows you to relive the joys of passion and escape the sorrows of disappointment simultaneously.

Love Is What Love Does

In addition to a catalog of proven content, the newly released DJ Burn One and IndeedFace (5PMG) produced ensemble etched another notch on Shellie’s creative barometer. With hand-woven lyrics and an expansive pen-game, be on the lookout for much more from the Queen of the Mound. Stream “Get Away” below and be sure to share, repost, and comment. Get your sweet fix.

Stream some of my favorites from this artist below:

Shellie Sweets – Juice

Shellie Sweets – Regrets


23 year old vocalist/songwriter Mali Hayes is making strong waves on the UK neo-soul scene. She spent time developing her sound at the Leeds College of Music and upon very first listen, you know she’s deserving of a spot in the game here across the pond. I recently had an opportunity to check out her sharply produced debut EP, Quiet Silence, released in the Fall of 2016. Serious about getting her sound out, Mali Hayes used Kickstarter to fund the EP and it has been well worth the effort.

Strong, yet airy, vocals catch you first, but relatable lyrics keep your ear. The jazz driven vibe given on tracks like Jump” has earned her spins and accolades from Gilles Peterson and many others. Meanwhile, a YouTube cover of Jill Scott’s “The Fact Is” serves as assurance that Mali Hayes’ skills can not only effortlessly match the stateside greats, but that her stripped down style is a much needed one in the current neo-soul line up. As polished as Mali Hayes studio sound is, it’s rivaled by her live covers and performances of original tracks. Simple and supportive background vocals, if any, and bare minimum instrumentation lend themselves to her voice being the star.

While her EP, Quiet Silence, felt way too short and left me wanting more, it was easily played on a loop. If this is the first time you’re hearing of Mali Hayes, I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Get familiar with her and get info about new singles on her Bandcamp, Instagram, and Facebook pages.


Written by ViV