— Zero Fatigue founder, Smino, releases a mind-bending new music video for his NØIR single, “KLINK”

Last November, Smino excited his fans with the release of his second studio album NØIR and subsequently received much love, not only for his efforts, but also for hitting the bullseye. Now, since wrapping up the album’s accompanying Hoopti Tour in mid-May, the St. Louis-bred artist has dropped a brand new music video from the project’s second single, “KLINK”.

The Smino and Nicholas Woytuk directed visual features the artist showcasing his signature swag and fashion sense while talking big shit and urging you to “check his rank”. However, as the video progresses, things start to get a bit trippy as the camera motions become more interactive, Smino and the other characters start duplicating themselves, and more.

Take a deeper look at the full visual right here and, if you haven’t already, be sure to dive into the entire NØIR album.

If there were ever a spin-off flick called The League of Extraordinary RappersSmino would undeniably secure a lead role.

Since the loaded release of his debut album blkswn, the steamroller sensation produced by Sango, Smino returns with NOIR – taking a daring turn from his first LP, the Missouri native diversifies, channeling multiple voices, sounds and even the occasional yodel.

Raw, broad-ranging, and unbelievably smooth all at once, Smino dips in and out of vocal styles, musical genres, the highs and lows, and spills dirt, everywhere from riding in a “KOVERT” coupe to having “FENTY SEX (feat. Dreezy)” with his real-life Scorpio lover, and plainly put – this MC ascends beyond the game.

Just as its name would reveal, “MERLOT” is smooth from start until end, while delivering that “MF GROOVE (ft. Ravyn Lenae)“, a celestial affirmation of needing a sign from above, before enclosing the album with the mellifluent “VERIZON“, which sees Smino do what he does best – simply let it flow.

Listen below.