Sin City rapper, Dizzy Wright, unleashes a new studio album Nobody Cares, Work Harder, professing “Self love is powerful, heard it’s the only way, that’s the motivation I need to keep makin’ plays,” proving the quintessential soundtrack for when you’re on the grind.

Working late nights, early mornings, having self-doubt and feeling inadequate is all in the works en route to crafting your vision into a reality, and Wright raps the roadmap you need to hear, spitting all the answers –

Self Love Is Powerful“, “Problems and Blessings“, “Keep It 100“, “Slow Down” and when you’re finally where you need to be, you’ll be bumping “Check Me Out” – and that’s a fact, “Period“.

Born La’Reonte Wright, the 28-year-old rapper evokes the ambition of a true hustler, coining NCWH as his sixth studio album, following the success of his 2018 State of Mind 2 album, over a mere seven-year span.

Listen below.

If there were ever a spin-off flick called The League of Extraordinary RappersSmino would undeniably secure a lead role.

Since the loaded release of his debut album blkswn, the steamroller sensation produced by Sango, Smino returns with NOIR – taking a daring turn from his first LP, the Missouri native diversifies, channeling multiple voices, sounds and even the occasional yodel.

Raw, broad-ranging, and unbelievably smooth all at once, Smino dips in and out of vocal styles, musical genres, the highs and lows, and spills dirt, everywhere from riding in a “KOVERT” coupe to having “FENTY SEX (feat. Dreezy)” with his real-life Scorpio lover, and plainly put – this MC ascends beyond the game.

Just as its name would reveal, “MERLOT” is smooth from start until end, while delivering that “MF GROOVE (ft. Ravyn Lenae)“, a celestial affirmation of needing a sign from above, before enclosing the album with the mellifluent “VERIZON“, which sees Smino do what he does best – simply let it flow.

Listen below.