Brick On My Wrist Song

Johnny Oz – Brick On My Wrist

Mixing Cane’s with the caine, Director Hyce delivers the bag once again! Up-and-coming rapper Johnny Oz (Broward County, Florida) is literally a rock star in a rapper’s body and Hyce captures this spectacle in his full element. A previously headlining artist at Atlanta’s Official Monday Night Party (@ReplayATL), we sho’ woulda loved the opportunity to fuck up Artisans Bar and Gallery to this banger one time! A monstrously dope record produced by Polo Boy Shawty, “Brick On My Wrist” captures Johnny Oz delivering animated cadences — hugely complimented by a heavy metal inspired bridge. Behind a track record of hitters like “Awful” (2019), “Tat My Name” (2018), and “D.R.U.G.S” (Do Right Under God’s Sun [2014]), “Brick On My Wrist” certainly has the proper elements to gain major traction globally. We’re glad to introduce you to it first, here on the undeniable,!

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Remember when Vic Mensa had a few choice words about the late rapper XXXTentacion? Well, apparently Johnny Oz and XXXTentacion were pretty cool. As a result of Vic Mensa’s untimely rant, Johnny dropped a directly targeted diss record for Chicago rap artist, Mensa. Get a taste of it below.

For those who don’t know, Timmy Swagga is a Ft. Lauderdale-based MC that’s been making waves down in South Florida for some time now. While his last single, “March Step” took a more controversial approach in regards to its socio-political message, Timmy Swagga decides to take it back to the streets with his most recent single, “Pull Up”. Now, Timmy Swagga has a visual to match. Check it out below.

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Written by Simo Haier